Sam Treat
Team Tulsa Sales Representative

Born in Stillwater, Treat’s family settled down in Woodward, Oklahoma. He attended the University of Central Oklahoma and upon graduation, went immediately into the orthopedic sales industry. Self-described as a “full line guy”, Treat particularly loves the challenge of upper extremity related cases. Growing up in a household of medical professionals, Treat cannot imagine a differing career choice. The deep-seated belief to help others and the intrinsic competition growing up in a medical-career minded family, Treat expands, “It’s the belief that you are meant to be a part of something bigger than yourself.” The ZB RX Medical line of products allows his team to offer a strategic and solutions-focused approach to orthopedic treatment plans. Married over 10 years, Treat and his wife have three children, twin girls and a son. Self-described as a family and sports guy, Treat and his wife founded and run a nonprofit baseball organization.

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