Hayden Strobel
Team Sjulin Sales Representative

Born and raised in Jefferson City, Missouri, Strobel was awarded a baseball scholarship at Oklahoma Christian University and was immediately accepted into the MBA program at Oklahoma Christian upon graduation. Strobel has been with ZB RX Medical since May 2019, moving from an operational role to a sales role early in 2020. Currently focusing on total arthroplasty in knees, hips and shoulders, Strobel continues to broaden his skill set by pulling from his athletic and personal history: attention to detail, hard work, taking ownership of responsibilities and mistakes, being part of a team (inside and outside the operating room), continually looking for ways to enhance abilities, listening to advice, and strengthening his communication skills. With family members who have had total joint surgeries, he understands the stress a surgery can have on the patient and their families. His number one goal is to assist in facilitating the highest level of patient satisfaction. Strobel is a self-described family man and avid sports fan. He enjoys the outdoors, maintaining his health, catching up on news, researching U.S. and world history, and is an avid reader.

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